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Cogeneration is a power station that combines the process producing heat and electricity in the system to more efficient production of these two processes .

The cogeneration can be used to exploit the produced energy as a substitute for electricity to operate the mechanical equipment , utilize the emitted heat from the heating system for heating or cooling air in buildings, utilize the emitted heat for producing steam, hot water etc. 
the generator used in the cogeneration process is fed by natural gas and fuel oil as a backup .
This process reduces significantly air pollution and helps us to keep a green environment .
This technology is cheaper, effective and available the other technologies. 

Our company provides a line of cogeneration facilities ( CHP ) based on natural gas engines .

The system can reach to 90% efficiency for electricity supply ,steam ,hot water, cooling and heating the air . 

The CHP system used as a base load for the client, the client can restrain the peak consumption through support systems, this way the general cost significantly decreases and we can plan the consumption effectively.
Our system can be controlled and reported remotely through the internet and Apple apps.


The system supplier has 20 years of experience in the field. 


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