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Question: What are the advantage of the OILON burners?



Answer: OILON is a company whose established in Finland in 1961,her main  occupation is  production of industrial burners, the company has over 400 types of burners , custom manufacturing and to the customer conditions. 
The output of the existing burners is  8MW-12KW, and adapted to all of the fuel types:  LFO , HFO , LPG, NG and the combining of them ( dual burners ) .
OILON burners are easy to operate and designed specifically for the comfort of the steam boiler operators, high quality and long life term.


Question: What are the advantages of the transition to natural gas system ?


Answer: The State of Israel is encouraging the transition to use natural gas, because of the natural gas source that was found.
Transition to natural gas would reduce future the electric consumption, the air and ground polluting and the maintenence costs
in addition the gas costs are lower than other fuels costs, and reducing the fuel preheating.


Question: Is a steam boiler works with oil fuel or diesel fuel suitable for use with natural gas ?


Answer: Today every boiler can be converted to natural gas use, we own gas burners that can customizable to any type of boiler, we recommend our customers who wish to convert their systems to natural gas to use dual burners which combining the ability to choose between the use of natural gas or any other fuel.


Question: Is there a warranty / customer service after installing the system ?



Answer: Yes, after the installation TECH ENERGY ( 1989 ) Ltd. gives 12 months of warranty to the burner and the related equipment we installed to the customer.
we have a customer service and troubleshooting center on the number +972-8-8637800.
and certified professional staff to inastall, operate and maintain of the gas burners, boilers and burners.


Question: What are the requirements for converting my factory to natural gas system?



Answer: TECH ENERGY( 1989 ) Ltd. has 35 years experience in the energy sector,
we'll accompany you from the planning step to the completion of construction.

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